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Our Story


Brian and Alexa met in 2016 when he was pursuing his dream operating a café in North Park. This venture was called Grinds & Vine Coffee Bar, where the community was the most important factor of his establishment.  About a year after opening the operation, Alexa came in as a guest to study and have some coffee.  She was quickly mesmerized by the PB&J sandwich and their delicious cold brew options. They shared some great conversations about food and life then quickly became friends, which then blossomed into something more. Who would have ever thought a PB&J, a cold brew and a conversation would turn into love and marriage.  They now reside in Ramona with their three dogs and daughter Harper Belle.

As time went on, they both realized that it was time to close the book on that awesome chapter of life and step out to write a new story. Off the Vine Dining was birthed out of a deep desire to show love and excellence to others through handcrafted meals and excellent service. Rooted in love and humility, Brian and Alexa seek to understand the challenge every client has, then offer beautifully presented, delicious solutions. Off the Vine Dining is bringing integrity back to catering by crafting really good food served by really good people. 


Through love, care and attention to detail, Brian and Alexa will not let you down. Whether it is a wine and food pairing, a lunch delivery, or a once in a life time wedding, Off the Vine Dining was created to serve others to the fullest. Let them help you curate your most memorable moments with the most memorable experience. Reach out to Off the Vine Dining today, they can’t wait to serve you! 


 Brian Beechler



As a San Diego native, Brian has enjoyed creating memorable experiences in the restaurant industry for 25+ years.  He’s learned that the necessary ingredients for a happy stomach is maintaining high standards, providing great customer service and offering a flavorful menu. At the heart of Off the Vine Dining is authenticity, friendliness and love. This is evidenced by the close relationships that Brian and his staff have with each and every guest who comes in contact with them, for they believe that, “When you’re dining with us, you’re family.”

When you try one of our creations, don’t give all the praise to Brian just yet. After a lifetime of shadowing his biggest role model and his most inspirational chef, Brian credits his father with all he knows as he, "Learned from the best."

When Brian is not grinding with Off the Vine Dining, you can find him creating memories with his amazing wife Alexa, their daughter Harper, and their fur babies, Walter, Cabbie, and Leroy.  Brian credits Alexa for turning his life around, and states “She is hands down the best thing ever to happen to me, and I thank God every day for her entering my life”. It is Alexa that introduced Brian to C3 Church San Diego Central Campus, where Brian’s life has been radically transformed since surrendering his life to God. Here is where you will find Brian every Sunday as he has the honor to cook for the worship team, whom he credits with healing his heart during his moments of greatest need. While God is the centerpiece of the Beechler household, wine and food are a close second!  You can find their family wine tasting around San Diego county, Paso Robles, or simply hanging out at their beautiful home relaxing and enjoying mother nature; of course, with wine and food!  If Brian is not doing either of those things, you can usually find him at Petco Ball Park.  As an avid baseball fan, his passion and expertise in service can all be traced back to the ballpark. Growing up playing and loving baseball, he learned how to be a team player and build long lasting relationships.

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